Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Puppy Problems

I heart my dogs, very very much, but sometimes I wish I could take a break from them for a little while. Abby, sweet little thing that she is, is quite attatched to me. She hates to be away from me, waits till I'm sitting down to lay down in her kennel to go to sleep at night and wraps herself around my feet at every turn. She's big enough to trip me now, but small enough to be just out of sight. George is kind of hard to miss, he just sits there, in the way, all the time. He's a big lump 'o' love, but very slow moving. And Abby looooves to be outside, but only if I'm out there with her, which is a problem. Even with George out there with her she barks and bays and generally causes a rucuss if I happen to go inside for a few minutes. Oh heavens no, if she can't see me, the world is ending. I've been reading up on how to break her of this, but so far nothing has worked. Any insights or suggestions are more than welcome. I would greatly appreciate anything. George has been having some issues lately so we have to take him back in to the vet to see what we can do about that. He's getting to be as bad as ME having to go to the doctor! We are a pair, George and I.

Aside from the dogs I've been having a wonderful time with my car. As busy a life as I seem to be leading at the moment, that car is invaluable to me. I got out of work this morning, getting ready to hop in my car and drive home when I realized at the same time three other people realized that there was some kind of fluid leaking and it was coming from my car. >.< Not what I need after waking up at three to get to work so I could work my buns off for practically nothing and having to go home and shower and get ready for everything else I have to get done today. Someone suggested that perhaps it was oil, and there was oil mixed in with it, but there had been another incident Monday with an oil spill with one of our drivers, so thank Heavens that wasn't my case. No, in my case it was antifreeze. My loverly car let it all out. Well, most of it any way. Now, I'm not stupid, I know my cars, I could see what the problem was, but the part about this whole thing that cracks me up is that the three women who work there, myself and a few of the QA ladies, were the only ones willing to get down to see if something was still leaking or not, check the oil, check the antifreeze, dig in and check tubes, all the while being watched by the MENdrivers and MEN managers who were asking what we thought it was. Anyone else see something wrong with this picture? Mmmkay, just making sure. So yeah, as far as I can tell it's either the water pump or one of my hoses, either way I didn't want to try to drive it home, so in the parking lot she sits, leaking antifreeze everywhere. I'm sure I'll hear all about it from the building manager tomorrow, wanting to know why I just left it there instead of taking it home, and from our splendid janitor who seems to think that any kind of mess in the parking lot is a smear upon his name and honor. It'll be great. At least I have some appreciative drivers now. Rather than catching crap everytime they show up it's a "hello Maranda!" or "my goodness, heavy day, hm?" and at the end "thank you Maranda, you did so well! Have a wonderful day!" Yeah, I like my drivers much better now. Not enough to want to stay for forever like they'd like, but I do like them. One of the ladies I used to load for actually stopped me today, asked how I was doing and expressed her deep regret at me being moved off of her trucks and then asked if I would ever be interested in driving for her. A big step up in the world for Maranda that would be, mmhm. We shall see where this all goes, but for now I'm off to do... whatever... I'll catch all you cool cats later.

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Backwoods Browns said...

Well don't know what to tell you about Abby! I guess that's where they got the term puppy love! hehehe! Oh and you go girl! Dig into that car and good luck fixing it!! Come visit soon!!