Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Fixed!

I'm not usually one to bug and badger, but I do find it a bit rediculous that it took like ten upset phonecalls and three house visits for Comcast to finally figure out what the problem was with our internet. The last few calls weren't as pleasant as the first few, for them anyway. I got very insistant and.... welll, borderline pissy with them till they finally listened to what I was saying and the guy who came out listened to everything I was telling him was going wrong. To you, last Comcast guy, I am sorry I was upset.

Anywhoo... So there haven't been any other near-misses with cars lately, nothing too terribly exciting going on here except that my sweet little Abby puppy is getting soooo big! She many not be human, but she's the next best thing to a baby I made. I absolutely love her. When we brought her home she was small enough to fit in the crook of my arm and now it makes me grunt when she jumps in my lap! I still love the little white tip on the end of her tail though, it only grows with her, never gets smaller. It's so freaking cute! She has a great time with my old doogie George. He's losing weight too. For those of you who don't know and actually happen upon this, George is the dog we had as a family dog for a very long time when we all finally left home. He stayed with dad for a while after we all left, but when he started gaining weight, losing hair and really just not being the dog we all knew and loved, I took him home with me instead. We still need to do a few tests to see what we can do about his hair loss, but he is losing weight finally. Instead of a torpedo on legs he's got a little bit of definition in his body. It took him a while to get used to Abby's rambunctious nature, but they get along so well now. It's absolutely adorable to watch them play together and then lay down flat on the floor, exhausted. One of these days I'll get a picture of the two of them sitting next to eachother. George likes to lick the top of her head some times. Cracks me up!

Hm, so I guess there is one more thing going on in the life of Me. I'm looking for a different job finally.

For those who are interested in why, you know how to reach me.

Until next time my sweets.

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