Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cars and all that Jazz

Shows how much I know, hmm? Well, it was kind of one of the hoses on the car, but not quite waterpump related. What ended up happening was one of the hoses to my heater core had worn down so much that it had cracked. It was made of some kind of plastic though, so I'm not too entirely surprised that it happened. That and the heatercore itself wasn't sitting tight like it should have been, so that kinda helped the normal wear and tear. The boyfriend and I spent Saturday tearing it appart and trying to find the drain on my radiator. They don't make those engines easy to get apart :( We got all kinds of antifreeze all over us. It was delicious. It's fixed though, so... wee! As a celebration (and because we had planned to do this for her birthday anyway) we took the boyfriends mommy with us up to Silvermountain on Sunday to see The Nuge play. If it's a concert, I like it, add music I like and I'll have a freaking blast. Ted Nugent is a bit too political for some people, and very outspoken about it as well, and he was the same ol' Ted Nugent this time too, but I still enjoyed the concert very very much. A beautiful setting, we got to sit in the grass, ride the gondola up, all that nice stuff. I wouldn't have traded that for the world. The boyfriend and his mom are afraid of heights though, hehehe, so the gondola was interesting coming up and going down. Both times we got put into one with one or two other interesting people. The couple we were with on the way down had found a phone earlier and were trying to get ahold of someone on there to figure out who's phone it was. Too bad it was a CdA registerd Cricket phone, so instead they had me take a picture of them for her to see and then called someone on the recently called list to let him know where her phone could be picked up at. Made me giggle ferociously.

Oy- look at the time! More later folks! Ta ta!!


Backwoods Browns said...

Glad you got your car fixed!! I love the Ted man! He's great on the outdoor channel! A huge hunter! So you know Brad like him!!
The phone thing was funny! I would have called people on the phone list also!

Naomi Johnson said...

fun stuff.. glad you have a working car.. good luck on keeping it running... and glad you had fun.. and glad I found your new blog!! you gotta start leaving comments for me too!!!

Ponczoch Family said...

I had no idea that you had this new blog until today... glad I finally figured it out! And glad that your car is fixed as well. Good for you that you were able to get it figured out- I know nothing about cars- I'm impressed by your knowledge.