Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Up In Smoke

I realize this is a bit past my time, but can I just say that Cheech and Chong are possibly the best stand up comedians in the world? Next to Jeff Dunham.

Waaaaay back in October Lance won tickets to their show here in town. The show wasn't until this last Saturday, the 24th of January (Happy birthday again Nomo!!) so we had a bit to wait for it, but man was it worth it! They are freakin hilarious! I didn't happen upon them through this experience, I've known of them since I was but a wee toddler. How? Dad exposed me to bits and pieces of their skits through their movies that were shown (after extensive editing) on TV. He thought they were pretty great and I suppose was only telling me about them to help me understand why he'd watch something like that with me in the room. I can't really relate to the kind of comedy they do, but I have to say it cracked me up. We were sitting in the center of the second row from the stage at the Convention Center. Both of them have aged quite a bit, but they both still look very much the same. Tommy Chong was by far my favorite part of the whole show. His wife tried her hand at some stand up, but her pretty couldn't cover the stink of her performance. There was a lot of talk about marijuana (surprise surprise) and some of it made me cringe a bit inside, but it was, over all, a good show. They did a skit as dogs. That was... priceless. It was to illustrate the differences between men and women. Women are cats; strong, independent, free thinkers, and we're pretty while we do it. Men are dogs. You'd have to see the skit to understand why it was so freaking funny. It was great though.

Can I just say, also, that people who are obnoxiously loud at those things shouldn't be allowed to stay? There was a lady at the end of the row we were sitting in who kept responding to Tommy Chong's rhetorical questions with loud "YES!" "HECK YES!" and other such exclamations. He kept looking at her when she'd do it like "man lady, shut up, I'm trying to talk here". I kinda wanted to throw my shoe at her.

If for nothing else, I think I'll keep Lance around cause he does take me to some pretty excellent shows. Yay!
That was a joke. I love the man to pieces.

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