Friday, November 14, 2008

Please Pass Go


All of this worry over math for nothing. That last test I had to make up, well... it didn't go so well, BUT! Fear not my people! I am pulling a strong 94% in that class still! And, to make it even better, our final is the biggest part of our grade. I have complete faith that my final project will go off without a hitch. Why? Because the super awesome computer nerdface genius (me!) has been overseeing it. The boys have helped gather the information, but they know their powers over Power Point are nothing compared to the awesome creativeness I wield within my mind and fingers. Rawr! My other classes are still going well too, all three of the finals for them are creeping up here fast. I'm not worried though, I've got this in the bag baby. My belt manager at work commented the other day that I seem much happier now that I'm back in school. Honestly, I would have to agree 100%. Having something to do with all this crap floating around in my noggen is super fun! Mom used to tell me that she didn't make stupid babies and I'd kinda roll my eyes at her and tell her my grades said different. I didn't apply myself though, not in all of my classes. The ones that came easier to me I did fine in, the others.... eh, I blew them off most of the time, didn't really see a point in them. All of the classes I take now I know I will be needing though and it's so much more fun for me to throw myself into them and push the limits I thought I had as far as my knowledge goes. It's exciting for me. I've always loved to learn, but I avoided the subjects I wasn't particularly good at. I can't avoid those any more though, and I think that's part of what makes it that much more fun for me. Having things come easy is nice, but when you really have to work at it and then you see how well you've finally mastered it.... it's a joy in it's own right, an achievement, something you can hold up and tell yourself every day "Look at this, you didn't think you could, but you did! Reach higher!" My only regret is that this realization came years after I left highschool. Oh well. I was more concerned about taking care of those around me then. I still worry about the people I love, but dang it! It's nice to worry about ME for a change, to be proud of ME, of who I am and who I'm becoming. I'm tooting my own horn here, I know, but again, this is something different for me, I'd just like to enjoy it for a moment.

Mkay, all better now. I have this devil cold that doesn't seem to want to go away. In an effort to thwart it's on-going rampage in my body I'm going to say farewell for now and curl up in a nice warm bed with my sweet hyper puppy. Yay for Abby!


Gailyn Terry said...

Yay! I'm happy your finding your niche in math. However, by doing this you are aiding Nick's eternal argument that everyone can be good at math which doesn't bode well with my side (I will never be good at anything mathematically better than estimating, almost to the penny, how much our groceries will cost before we get to the checkout....roughly translated: I can add real good!)

Whatever the case, I'm happy your math class is going well!!!

Naomi Johnson said...

hahaha. I am so with Gailyn on that one... I can add really good. Especially when it comes to groceries. I am so happy for you and everything you have been able to accomplish thus far. Congratulations. I will be there when you graduate if I can be. I love you sis.

Sariah said...

I'm sooo incredibly excited for you! Going to school and learning is so amazing isn't it? It opens your mind more to the world. It really becomes a more colorful and interesting place! I always knew you could do well when you tried! You ARE smart!! I'm just so excited for you! You better come see me when I'm up for Thanksgiving week so I can give you a gihugic hug and tell you how happy I am for you!!!!!!! Love you uber lots my lovely sister of mine!

Brown Family said...

Great job as usual! I too agree with Gailyn, I can do math really well on my own terms but not from a book!! Keep up the great job sis!!!