Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Getting Cold

I think I need to put on some more weight, maybe that's all that saved me for so long there. Now it drops below 60 and I free my tooshie off! So not cool.

I know I should post more, I know I should call more, I know I should probably be doing a TON of stuff to keep my family in the loop that I'm not currently doing, and for that I appologize. I am trying though. This right here is an effort to better the lines of communication, as they stand, between myself and you lovelies who are out and about in the great wide world.

School has been going well, as you could guess from my last post. Math was a bit iffy there for a bit, we were getting into things I'd struggled with in highschool and was having trouble with again. It helps to have a super smart genius-like math nerd for a belt manager at work though. We sat down after work one day and went through my chapters together. I know I knew the material before, I had passed (barely) the same subjects in highschool, but I couldn't remember how. He was a bigger help than I think anyone could ever know. A fresh perspective and patience does WONDERS when trying to get something that comes easy to others through my thick stubborn head. We took a test on the material last week and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well. And in all honesty, the kind of math I will be using primarily with my chosen career isn't nearly as difficult for me to understand as some of the other stuff like geometry *cries* I pitty the people who have to play with that all day. My other classes have never really been challenges for me, but they are the required gen-ed programs everyone is supposed to take upon entry to the college. This next semester should be much more interesting, for me any way. My new friends I made at school, Max and Clint, are both pretty bummed that I'm not going to have any classes with them any more. We will be at the school at the same time, have the same breaks and such, but because they're CAD students and I'm CEET, we have found our fork in the road. Max is still determined that we will all stay great friends no matter, which is super cool. He's a fun guy to be around and probably one of the reasons I really put an effort into my math class. He's a great motivator. We will have the same math class, but on different days this semester, so we've decided that study sessions before tests will be a MUST. I'll be taking a DC Current class though and I'm so excited! I've been taking computers apart for as long as I've cared to, even learned all the technical terms for the stuff I've been taking apart, but I've been careful about messing with the power for those thus far. This time around I get to manipulate it though. This is almost as dangerous and leaving me in a warehouse full of explosives with a ligher in my pocket. Sure, I'll be careful while I look around and see whats there, but heaven help us if you let me actually PLAY with any of it. This is the stuff that's going to get me into all of my projects I'll be doing for the next few years. All of the fun wires and electrical boards they gave me in my toolkit on my first day? I'll have more to do with them besides using them on my own stuff at home! I can't really begin to explain how excited I am. To be very honest, I was worried for a while there that because of the math involved in my chosen career I wouldn't maintain my drive to suceed. The exact opposite has been happening though! The math comes easier now that I have something I love to do to apply it to and teachers in and out of school who can explain the things that I don't understand, and the logical way computers work, inside and out, just kinda clicks for me. I never thought I'd be one of the lucky ones to find something like that, never in a million years. It's all so exciting for me! Lance has had to stop me more than once when I've been studying for tests in my computer classes and decided hands-on learning definately beat using the book all of the time and wanted to take my computer apart. They can only handle so much of that when they're used as often and for so much as I use my own. I have to hold myself back, most definately, but I see so much more potential in them now than I used to.

I feel like the biggest nerdface in the world right now. I completely just geeked out. What is this world coming to?

To work with my nerdface I suppose. Work... le blah.


Sariah said...

Yay! i'm so excited for you! I'm happy to hear that math is coming easier (i'm taking stats and it definitely isnt a cake walk for me, but luckily thats the only type of math i have to deal with). I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever and a year! I'm going to try to come up Thanksgiving week (but i'm so poor I dont know if Ill be able to :| but if I do you better come see me! I love you!

Naomi Johnson said...

hooray it is good to hear about your school.. It is always so entertaining to read as well.. I love your term nerdface. You are the coolest nerdface I have ever known.. hehe... keep it up.. .....you are doing great (insert exclamation point here)

Brown Family said...

Nice job sis! Glad you are understanding it better!! Come visit so we can do your hair!! I bet your pony tailin' it now! :)